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hackers in SSP. Yunwa server


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Ok first of all. I want to say this game is great. Grinding aside, this game achieves what I want in a MMORPG.

xcept openworld pvp. But thats a separate topic. 


I'm guessing I'm not the only one who has reported hackers before.

But theres afew problems with hackers

1. You cannot report them. At most you can only report bots and spammers. I assume this is NC soft saying that theres no way there would be hackers in this game.

Besides MMORPG are pretty damn hard to break. 

Still there are some

Arena - Resist spam

SSP - speed hacks.

2. A speed hacker may come along and destroy you with that bullshit 1shot gun in SSP.

I can have 70k HP. And that bullshit of a gun just destroys me.

The server I am on is dominated by crimsons. 

It only takes 1 speed hacker cerulean to totally destroy and make alot of crimson leave SSP.

Even if we stay we'd just continue to get killed by him.

Wearing the "Cerulean assassin mask" We cannot see his name.

There is no report button.

Ceruleans dont even enter SSP because of the amount of crimsons.

1st lieutenant at lvl47 are you kidding me??


Now i know that this may not happen on other servers.

and that there is a rumor going on about NC Soft taking away the SSP guns and bombs.

But this isnt happening fast enough.

Alot of my friends arn't even going into SSP, because of speed hackers. 



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Just now, Etherius said:

and where you see a "bot" word?

They said he`s a "speed hacker"


Oh I am just going by the multiple posts I saw in the past. Like the current one that is current on page 2 that is covering the same topic.

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11 minutes ago, DarkSkyBunny said:

believe me i know its a player considering he always checks the npc's to see if someones killing them.

Yeah a lot of people just assume only a bot can speed hack. Only solution I can do is to try and get a screenshot of them, class and then look around to see if you notice people who are similar.

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I'm assuming that hacker is NCsoft itself. standing side of outnumbered faction and annoy opponent on purpose.

Otherwise,Why they don't give a any cricket that very obvious?

And I have no idea why that mask even exist.

Probably that helps keep GM in secret using hack to shit outa legit players.

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