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Daily Challenge has incorrect description of dungeon name


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Today's Daily Challenge had a quest that asked you to do the daily for Lair of the Fang.

I looked at the quest name but usually I don't remember the name of the quests that often for each dungeon (I don't think a lot of people do...).

I just pugged it in F8 and when I was in the open lobby (the one with storage NPC), I saw the quest-giver NPC had a daily quest available for me.

I thought it was odd since I should've already picked up the daily for that dungeon already when accepting from the Daily Challenge.

It was whatever and I accepted it, walked into the dungeon and completed it, daily was completed but it wasn't counted for the Daily Challenge.

I opened up the window for it and it still says "In Progress".

Then bf told me that the quest name In the Dead of Winter (from the Daily Challenge list for today) is actually for Cold Storage.......

Daily Challenge had wrong dungeon name listed under that quest as Lair of the Fang.

If you look at your Quest List on the right side, it even says kill Winter Mane at Cold Storage :x

Make sure to double check your localization before putting out the patch >.<



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