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So I'm not a fan of "the daily grind" I bearly have time to put into this game what I'd like due to work, I'm not going to pay premium as I've got too many bills on my plate as is, so on to my complaint


The Drop rate... I get EVERYTHING but the lyn blades I need to upgrade my weapon to the next step, I never got the first up grade until I was able to trade, and I've run the blackram narrows I think like 50 times, not once have I got the weapon I need, the drop rate is absolute poop on the lyn blades, almost as if it's programed to never drop, accept that it did once, during the last roll I saw a lyn blade, another person got it despite me betting all the money I had (it wasn't much, only like 20 copper) so I'm standing there watching the timer tick down, unable to do anything. I'm tired of this, so now I have the blight weapon chest which I've refused to open cause I KNOW it's not giving me that lyn blade, not without the 15 gold viridian Brilliant Key, maybe I should be making purposeful bids to get more money instead of focusing on buying the healing potions which I blow through in 2 minutes


I'm tired of it all, and if the rest of the game is like this... eff it, I'll just go back to my sandbox games where I can at least get stuff done, it's a waste of my time, and it's ceased to be fun, I hope a dev reads this to get an understanding of my horrible experience and HOPEFULLY does something usefull about it

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