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KFM armbar


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23 hours ago, LovlessLady said:

its not really that helpful as a kfm. Its better to use triple kick on blocking kfms/BM. Just wondering if it does anything else since it says disables defensive skills.

It disables:


Counter (KFM)

Block (BM)
Woodblock (Sin)


And I think it also disables ground counter.


This is an amazing tool against assassins in PvP.  After you Armbar them, if they didn't escape, they will be very vulnerable to followups and won't be able to counter you back into stealth.  Assassins are one of the hardest match-ups for KFM, and triple kick after E/Q is a lot easier to land when you have 6 seconds to use gap-closing abilities without the risk of it being blocked / countered / woodblocked.

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