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Updates are stalling

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Hi all,


After a month and a half of not being home, I've started up Blade and Soul again. A month and a half ago, Blade and Soul ran perfectly fine with no problems (note that I downloaded the game outside my home on a school campus. This might be important?) and I could play. 


Recently, I factory reset my computer and was in the process of re-downloading and patching the game. To my confusion, I couldn't download the installer despite my internet working for every other site. What I did was have someone else download the installer, upload it, and I downloaded that to install. Now, comes the patch. The patch works for a couple minutes and then stalls to the point where the download speed is effectively 0. This is for my entire house's internet, as I tried to download the installer on a different computer and came to the same result.


I pinged the servers and got a timeout, so I'm not really sure how to approach this issue. Any help would be appreciated!


Thank you

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