Rogue / Semi-Hardcore / PvX / Cerulean Order / TS3 / Looking for fun players!

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Hi, I'm Trash! (literally)

I'm going to keep this short because I have a sprained wrist and a low pain tolerance so I hope you don't mind me being a little bit lazy with the typing.


Rogue is a Semi-Hardcore clan in the Cerulean Order.  We are currently clan rank 10 with outfits(cosmetics ftw!) and still working on climbing the rank ladder.  Our main focus is to have fun, create a tight knit community and git gud together. We have been a fairly small clan of close friends but have decided to open up recruitment recently to make more friends and get more parties going for dungeons, pvp, etc.  Yayyyy friendship!  =D 


The basics:

  • We use ts3 as our preferred method of communication because our arena heroes don't always watch clan chat, but it's not a requirement to be in ts 24/7
  • No real level requirement, but prefer 40+ and would like to see you making level progress at a steady pace.  
  • Gear isn't a huge deal as long as you're at least trying to grind for upgrades.
  • Willingness to learn your class+desire to improve+fun personality are more important to us than level and gear.
  • You can request to craft an outfit, but we would like you to be max level and in the guild for a couple weeks first.  Don't just use us for clothes pls
  • We can be a little rowdy and offensive, so if you are easily offended we might not be the best fit for you ;-;
  • We are currently working on a new website.  There's a list of members to talk on there if you're interested in joining, but you can also message me on here or apply through the site if that makes you more comfortable.
  • You can view our general rules here if you want to get an idea of what kind of things I might yell at you for if you join.


If you have any questions or notice I forgot to mention anything important, feel free to ask here or in a PM.  You can also message Lixo/Trash, Jaws, Polite, Sun, or Arexor in game or just send an app on our website.  Polite is also available on Discord, add @Jarv#1305 if you'd like to apply that way


Thanks for reading!~





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