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Baleful VS Seraph

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I am at the point where i m going to decide whether to upgrade to either baleful or seraph weapon after farming another 2 flowers. Looked thru the forums and honestly only 1 thread was posted on BNS Dojo talking abt it with not much of a conclusion. Can someone with a seraph/baleful weapon better analyse the pros and cons? To me, 2% on frost palm is kinda low as it doesnt add a significant dps increase (I actually preferred if they allowed to keep the inferno 20% instead or 2% on blazing palm) but seraph have that sweet 30% cd reduction on short fuse with is really good and a core skill for burn build, not really much increasing the dps but it means a much higher downtime for boss' hp regen.


Now the deciding factor is the all skill reset. Seraph claims that it procs when hit (KR/TW procs on hit now) and Baleful procs on hit. Its makes a huge difference with means i can insta cast another inferno/shortfuse/Meteor when i get 10stacks.


Can someone with a seraph weapon cfm if it procs on hit or when hit?

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A lot of weapons I've seen have this, I don't really understand Why, WLs and FMs shouldn't have weapon options for When hit, ur ranged DPS anyway.


I have no idea on which u should take, but as far as I can gather, they prolly Changed it in a patch later on, I have no idea if it'll be introduced With the legendaries (if they're here already) or if its a future patch to await on.

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I will go for Baleful. If I compare the effects, it's better overall. CD on C isn't that great or important. More damage on RMB is also not good but the extra damage from the stacks is the Point. You don't Need the healing of Seraph and the additional damage is pretty good. I don't see a reason to go Seraph.

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baleful is the way to go and not only for fm, seraph condition is to get hit, fully hit to get the stacks (that means blocking and evading wont cut it to get the stacks). 

Who in their right mind would let themselves hit that much for 300 hp regen? while you can easily hit 10 times faster than any mob or even players

in pvp 10 hits means certain dead, even if you start regening those lame 300 hp unless you have crazy def to recieve 100s as damage.

Also when you hit those 10 stacks on Baleful not only short fuse but all skills reset, so the bonus on seraph becomes meanningless.

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On 5/7/2016 at 5:51 PM, surosync said:

that sweet 30% cd reduction on short fuse with is really good and a core skill for burn build

This is actually negligible. Yes that's nice for a 10 second burn, but if you're maximizing your DPS, you should be using Force Blast to reapply burn anyways, or else you miss out on a solid 8k-15k (Depends on if it crits) damage in that rotation. I pretty much only use short fuse for focus recovery, since it's more efficient DPS wise to use Force Blast or inferno to apply burn. 

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