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Ello Everybody,


During the 45 content  I remained with optimization issues, which made me unable to play the game. During open 24-people dungeons and open world Bosses like Blackwyrm I had around 0-5 FPS Screen freezes making me unable to play the game. even during gameplay now by just running my FPS Drops from "70" to "40" if thats really my FPS and with fighting in bosses now it goes to "20" with around a minimum amount of people involved.


I used to enjoy playing this game but the optimization issues made me leave the game, I may want to invest time to try and fix it and see if I can fix it? I just dont know how to.


Anyway Here's what I have;


i7-3930K CPU @ 3.20GHz

16 Ram

Windows 8.1 Pro

AMD Radeon HD 7900Series


I honestly dont know what to do so maybe u guys do. 

Thx's in advance.




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