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Alysha Hawkeye

Storage space suggestion: Currency Wallet

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I think some in-game currencies, like Warrior's Tokens, Siren Emblems, Valor Stones... should have their own wallet, instead of occupying players' limited storage space.


To make it simple, currency wallet is where all untradable and currency items go to. Instead of having waste a precious vault/inventory slot for each currency (or more if you have more than 1,000 units), they will get squeezed into the wallet, where they can be stored unlimited. Additionally, the wallet is always with you, so you don't need to return to a vault to get the currency items, and back to the trader to get the items you want.


This should be also carry account-bound stuffs, such as Valor stones, Naryu Tablets, Flower of Lament... These items will be accessible by every character in the account, as long as they're in the same server. When you go to the NPC traders or craft something, the wallet will withdraw required items automatically.


If you have trouble to imagine what I describe, then let say it's the Premium Wallet in Lord of the Rings Online (by all means, I don't intend to advertise for the game. It's a nice game to try out if you like J.J.R Tolkien, but it's your choice to play it, but it's not what I want to talk about here). Take a look at this pic:




Look at the right. The game has a lot kind of currencies, and you see they take up to 16 slots of vault space. However, with the wallet (the left), 16 slots are saved, as any bound and account-bound currency will go straight to the wallet.


The currencies with green text are account-bound, and can be accessed by any character in the same server.


You don't need to withdraw the currencies from the wallet, and only need to go to the NPCs and barter what you want. The items will be directly withdrawn from your wallet.


What if you don't really need those tokens? Well, then they're just there, not taking up any space, aside from being a little cluttered to search for what you want. LOTRO has a search function to solve this. And sometimes, the stored up currencies can consider as some kind of personal achievement, I believe. The only bad things of this wallet is that you cannot quote the items, but I don't think it's that much of a loss for an unlimited storage.


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I think in game currencies should be account bound and in a wallet for any character to use at any given time like in GW2. not only for your reasons but because some of the currencies became useless at some point to your character but they wouldn't be to alts (if you have them) AND it's also another way to make this game alt friendly OR even help someone's main progress by opening in game currencies to be account bound. 

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