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BNS Settings Reset at Each Game Load


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I updated Razer Synapse to the current version out and had to disable CHROMA APPS because it was messing up my lighting on my Black Widow. I noticed ever since then, each time I log into BNS, all my settings (except keybinds) are reset, this would include my graphics, UI, chat preferences.  This was also happening to my boyfriend who also updated his Razer, he had to do a system restore for BNS to save configs again.  This shouldnt happen each time I have to update Razer and it conflicts with the game. Please advise.

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I too have been experiencing this for months.  Went through a string of about 20 email exchanges with support, who eventually said, "Sorry, we're not sure what's causing your problem".  If anyone has any possible solutions I'd love to hear them. 

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Hey there, I found a fix for it. 
Its rather long and boring one, but hopefully this helps

Copy paste of what I sent to support team 


I ran into issue with game re-setting setting on every launch and I found a way to fix it, which is not available on forum or anywhere that I looked. 

First of all there are three different issues that you might need to fix it
Issue A) OneDrive or other "online storage" to save your mydocuments folder (disabled it)

Issue B) Any special letters in user name for the user folder in windows 
Like "C:\Users\volko" etc but with special symbols, I was lucky not  to have this issue.

Issue C) the one that caused issue for me, was my sound device name which is "Razen Mano'War" containing ' in it. Causing the game to unable to parse the settings file and resetting them entirely. 
How did I fix it - used Geforce experience to set optimized settings which changed the sound device in sound settings from
<option name='audio-device' value='Headset Earphone (Razer ManO'War)'/>

<option name='voice-chat-output-device' value='Headset Earphone (Razer ManO'Wa'/>
<option name='voice-chat-input-device' value='Generic Software'/>

<option name='audio-device' value='DirectSound Default'/>

<option name='voice-chat-output-device' value='Generic Software'/>
<option name='voice-chat-input-device' value='Generic Software'/>

This had fixed the file parser issues, there are other various devices that contain special names in the settings, but this can work as temporary workaround. 

Feel free to contact me for additional info

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Well i found the fix for this problem Start  The Game Launcher then go to settings  Than Game   than go To  Default Download Path  change it to your game location in hard Disk than do the same with Default installation i hope thats help cuz thats fixed mine :)

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