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Forgotten Brighstone Staff


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Okay here's the thing. I have seen posts and this is more like a... discharge. Not really a complaint (or yeah, maybe). I used the Brilliant key for the Hujikar boss instead of Brightstone, and now I regret it so bad. I am now running my 53rd Brightstone Cave to get the Forgotten Brighstone Staff.

I'm about to suffer a mental breakdown


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23 minutes ago, Passel said:


You need both of them, the purple one to go from Awakened Profane to True Profane, while the blue one is from True Profan to Awakened Siren. Tho if they disable the Siren/Pirate path you won't need the blue version anymore.


Also, don't give up, Wallflower, you can do it ^^ If you're that desperate, just try to farm some gold and exchange it for hongmoon coin, those keys aren't that expensive in store ^^

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