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Free automatic weapon upgrade?


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For example, True Profane will only now be able to progress to Oathbreaker, True Siren’s next path will become True Oathbreaker, and True Pirate will then become True Breeze.

So True Pirate will no longer exist and automatically be turned into True Breeze without having to be upgraded? Does this mean any stage True Pirate?


OR Are you saying You just wont be able to enter True Pirate anymore, but will have to upgrade to Breeze yourself?



IF weapons will automatically be changed from True Pirate (1~10) to True Breeze 1, will Dark/Pirate weapon still exist for people to use as a skin to alter appearance with?


Same question in regards to Siren?

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4 minutes ago, Antarex said:

Nope, that means that True Pirate's next path will become True Breeze.

But right now after true pirate is True Breeze they didn't say nothing new lol.

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i dont think they will give True breeze to all True pirate users.. then they should give those who have upgrade to true breeze Awakend scorpion or true scorpion for free then too? right? fair?


whats the point in playing a grinding game when you get everything for free in time.. if thats the case they give players from true pirate to true breeze for free.. im just done with this game if that happends

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Why? they moved on to the new area leaving everyone else stuck unable to upgrade the pirate path bcause dead areas like E Fleet and Nightshade that cant be done in cross-server but are needed in order to upgrade from Profane through Pirate. They alrady got their bonus as a "first use"


Did people doing that, what was it called? Fast Start i think, get to keep their level 45 when the official game released? did those on Closed Beta Testing get to keep their level and gear?



When you get early access to stuff like Silverfrost dugneons and legendary weapons, you dont get EXTRA stuff when you are so far ahead of everyone else when they are trying to paly catch up because you got early access to places. DansGame



That would jsut mean people stuck in Moonwater upgrade paths get 1000 frozen stingers also to compensate for the shear gap between players if the higher levels get free scorpio weapon right? That wold make it fair right?



No. It is playing catch up BECAUSE everyone moved on and left players behind.



/end aside Now back to the original quesiton since it is a little fuzzy how it is written.

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