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Livestream Recap: Shattered Empire Q&A


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To accompany the launch of Shattered Empire we asked for your questions, and you delivered!


You can find the complete VOD of the Shattered Empire Q&A livestream here.


00:20:17 What is being done to combat the hackers?


This is an issue we take very seriously, it’s our top priority and we’re working on it every day. Unfortunately there is very little that we can share publicly without helping the people using them. There is no magic fix, and it will be a constant battle throughout the life of the game.


00:21:26 Accounts removed from the PvP rankings have been banned, and are not factored in to allocation of weekly arena rewards.


00:22:46 Is it intended that most people are still quite far behind in their gear progression when a new patch is announced?


We keep a close eye on the progression of the playerbase and make adjustments accordingly, there will be some news on how we plan on alleviating this issue soon!


00:25:10 Do you have plans to make the Soul Fighter available after the Shattered Empire?


Yes, it’s coming! When we’re ready to share details we’ll make a big announcement, you can see all the latest news and announcements at http://www.bladeandsoul.com/


‘Stop asking, just kidding. But seriously...’ Jonathan Lien 2016


00:26:11 Will Soul Fighter be available to the Jin race when it's released?


Yes! This change was made in other regions and will be included in our version.


00:26:38 Any plans to implement a DPS meter?


The Korean PTR is currently testing one. There are positives and negatives to the implementation of features like this and the impact is being monitored. There’s no way to say for sure if it will ever come to the live client but it is being worked on.


00:27:40 Will the transmutation for 3 Sparkling Hexagonal Gems for a Brilliant Heptagonal gem become available in the future?


Gems will be released periodically, transmutes can’t fail.


00:29:50 When are we going to get gender and race change tickets? Take my money already!


These are coming, but we still have no ETA.


00:30:48 Could you please address the GameGuard situation, and the fact that it's still locking many players out of the game?


We understand that some players are still experiencing issues related to GameGuard, and if you are we ask that you please contact customer support so that we can collect the necessary data from you to pass on to our development team and the GameGuard development team and hopefully resolve the issue.

GameGuard has been updated several times and many major issues and incompatibilities have already been resolved.


00:32:48 Will we be seeing future content with hard gear checks like the Awakened Oathbreaker Belt requirement for Sogun's Lament?


There are more examples of this in future updates, we’ll be sure to let you know as early as we can what the specific requirements are.


00:34:38 Are you going to add a way to get the Cold Storage Ticket other than spending NCoin?


Cold Storage Tickets will be given out via promotions and events, you can also acquire tickets through the daily dash.


00:36:10 How many reset tickets for Cold Storage can we buy daily?


Currently you can buy a maximum of 5 per day. The tickets are available for both NCoin and Hongmoon Coin and the cap is shared between the currencies.


00:36:36 Will you be able to add more dungeon drop costumes and vanity items to the Achievement Vendor?


Since these vendors are consistent across all regions it is more difficult for us to implement this change, but if it’s something you want be sure to let us know so we can take your suggestion to the dev team!


00:37:36 When will the storyline continue?


The next major content patch will include the rest of Act 4, there is no ETA for when this will come.


00:38:30 Are you going to address the issue of not being able to mail our alternate characters on the same account without restriction?


Great news! This issue should now be resolved. It turned out to be quite tricky to fix as it wasn’t a universal issue, but we managed to track it down.


00:39:16 You said you have fixed the friend request issue, but why are the players that I blocked still able to send me friend requests?


While it may seem like this is the case it’s actually down to the way names are presented, the system is working as it should. Since this situation is still not ideal, we are working on friend request spam as a higher priority issue.


00:40:42 When will we be getting level 50 skills such as Chi Bomb and Multiple Blaze? I wanna blow stuff up already.


We understand your desire to blow stuff up, unfortunately there is no ETA for this yet.


00:41:02 Now that the Hongmoon weapon can turn into legendary. is there any information about the "Storm legendary" so that we can know if we should save our resources for that one?


There’s nothing to announce yet, we are still looking at these systems very carefully so we can implement them in a way that makes the most sense for our version of the game.


00:42:17 With upcoming content and the addition of more quests, will you please consider increasing the daily quest cap?


This isn’t something we’re considering for the near future, 40 is standard across all regions. We do welcome your feedback so if this is a change you want please do let us know.


00:42:50 Are there any plans in the future for a server merge?


There are no plans for server merges, but server transfers are currently in development.


00:43:40 Is there a way to get the Attack Power and 2x Crit Ruby in game?


We’re currently in discussion with the development team as to how we can introduce this item in-game.


00:44:35 Gem Hammers update.


Players who used a gem hammer and upgraded their weapon past a threshold that affected the number of gem slots before the downtime on April 27 will be granted 4 gem hammers.

We understand that the gem slot number being rerolled in this way caught some players off guard, and we’re making changes to help signal this feature better.


00:47:15 When is the profile image uploader coming back, and will it still support custom images?

The new profile image uploader is in the final stages of testing, so it should be available soon! Custom images will not be supported, only images created inside the game will be usable.
Unfortunately this feature was being abused by some players and policing it is not realistically possible.


00:50:29 Will we able to send Pirate/Siren Emblems etc to alts?


Tradable emblems are included on the daily dash and they are also available on the store. There are also plans to add other sources.


00:50:30 BETHANY HAS A QUESTION! Max page limit for received items?


For practical purposes there is no limit on how much can be stored in the received items chest or for how long the items will stay in there. There may be a theoretical maximum but we don’t know what it is!


00:53:10 Will we make it possible to add more skill pages?


We already have one more than other versions, and we have no plans to add more.


00:54:00 Will there be changes to currency exchange economy?


The exchange rate of the currency exchange is determined automatically via a script, which we are monitoring. Issues with the prices rounding being unfavourable to some players when bulk buying or selling are being looked at and we are trying to find a solution.


00:55:20 Can we haz more hair accessories and more long hair styles?


We love hair styles, let us know what kind of thing you would like!


00:56:15 When we say "dev team", who are we talking about?


When we talk about the dev team we are referring to the development team based in Korea known as Bloodlust, who work on all the official versions of Blade & Soul.


00:58:05 Awkward Silence Masters


We do it so well.


00:58:21 Will Hongmoon levels become easier to reach like in the Korean version?

This is very unlikely in the short term simply because we have a long way to go before our version of the game is as mature as the Korean version.


00:59:30 Experience Charm cooldowns tip!


Hongmoon experience charms share a cooldown with other experience charms, so use your charms with no cooldown first!


01:00:40 Would we consider a class change voucher similar to the race and gender change vouchers?


Almost certainly not, this kind of change goes against the spirit of the game and it wouldn’t be of much benefit to the player.


01:05:28 Is there any chance of an in-game weapon gallery to preview weapons on character?


This is a good suggestion! It would be cool,we aren't aware of any current plans but we'll pass it along.


01:06:32 Salty Lien.

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