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Most annoying arena/SSP bots: Warlok Summoner

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I wonder when will the developers or customer satisfaction department notice these posts and push the bot issues to management.


I have faced bots of all classes (except KFM because there's no spam skills to get shit done), but the most annoying bots are hack summoner and teleport warlock.


Like, seriously, there's no freaking way to kill a teleport warlock ever, still this is crowded with these imba jerks.


As a KFM, my life is already hard having to use my complete keyboard to get stuff done. Adding bots, infinite iframe hack and teleports is just too much.


And the most frustrating part is when you're grabbing 200+ prestige points on SSP only to see a summoner/warlock kill you with teleport+machine gun... it's kills my heart.


I wouldn't say I will quit the game, but have already started to play it less because of the frustration and I'm already thinking on taking out my premium. I think the only way they'll listen is if we remove all premium accounts and send NCSOFT to hell crying for help.


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