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Blade Soul Crashes on Loading Screens


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I didn't see this in bug reports so I really hope it isn't just me:

Not sure 'crash' is the right term, in my experience crashes produce error messages, Blade and Soul is just legitimately closing.

If this was a once or twice thing I wouldn't mind, but B&S already takes almost five minutes to start up with the verification process and the

monstrous amount of time it spends on the logo screen loading in and then another loading screen after character select.

Yet now every one in four/five times I use windstride or go through a long loading screen the game just closes itself.

(Windstride causes it to happen more often, but it has happened in area transition loading screens, has NOT happened in dungeon finder though)


So to be precise, it hits a loading screen, loads for a bit and then the entire game vanishes from my tray, task manager brings up nothing,

no error message, just brings me back to my desktop as if I had never been playing to begin with.


Location does not seem to matter, I've produced the same results on multiple internet connections and multiple in-game locations,

however it could be a hardware issue as I do not have B&S (or friends who have it) on another computer to test it.


I'm working on Windows 10

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Is it a nvidia driver crash?

You can check Event Viewer -> Error -> Application Error (double click)

You'll get a list of events of that type. Check the time and one should normaly match the time the game crash.

I personnaly have the nvd3dum.dll crash (it's a directX 9 dll)

Here's the thread where I report my error, check it out maybe it's the same. I listed a bunch of stuff I tried, I would suggest you try them too if you can (and if it is the same issue and not something else)




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