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crafting and gathering guild for a solo player

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i bet this has been asked already, i tried to find something with the search function, but there was nothing. so im just gonna ask away:

im currently playing with a solo character and a character for a 2-player party (my buddy and me). however more focus on the solo character.

basically i just want to know which guilds/professions are the most beneficial for solo player? (like in being useful)

i get that the soul warden is THE profession to go after, along with merry potters, green thumb and tree fellers because the others are all useless (at least that is what i read everywhere). it would be awesome if someone could list the beneficials to each guild, cause most of the guides i read were explaining how you dont get much money/you cant sell your stuff.

currently im thinking about going with the alchemy stuff (but apparently healing pots drop from mobs a lot?), but there are so many people saying just go for the soul warden and get rich..


thanks for taking your time

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Soul Warden

- Transformation Stones, for weapon/accessory upgrades

- Soul Shields, High stat specific soul shield fusion fodder


Merry Potter

- Refiners/Bowls, that's needed in pretty much every other profession

- Pickaxes/Jars, needed to gather gather quartz and water

(Quartz is needed to make refiners and transformation stones, water is needed to make bowls)

- Serpent Calling Bell/Purification Jar, both needed to upgrade you wind walking

(Bell can be a rare drop in the cinderlands, jar is needed for the 20 second wind walking upgrade but requires 2 special items to make)


Radiant Ring

- Keys, needed to open weapon chests and dungeon chests

- Diamond Pouches, that have a CHANCE to give the highly sought attack power gem

(Higher quality gives more atk power, also some other diamonds are needed for achievements. Only way to get diamonds is through guild craft)



- Unsealing charms, needed to unseal stuff

- Return charms, lets you go back to the specific town instantly and doesn't cost anything compared to windstriding

- Escape charms,lets you leave a dungeon instantly, helpful to leave dungeons with no exit portal at the end

- Mass Revival Charms, revives the whole party, 1 hour 30 min cooldown

- Banishing Charm, one of 2 items needed to make the Purification Jar (sells for 8g+ at time of posting)


Acquired Taste

- Dumplings, 100% heal

- Provisions, contains Dumplings and buff items(?)

- Revitalizes, instantly gives one dragon blood (dragon blood revives you on death)

- Ceremonial meal, one of 2 items needed to make the Purification Jar (sells for 8g+ at time of posting)


Silver Cauldron

- Healing Tonic, 30% heal

- Extracts, only the Yellow Hibiscus Extract is important

(it's needed to make the Hongmoon Pill which is needed to unlock the last row of options for a specific skill, alternatively you can buy the pill through pvp)

- First Aid Kits, contains Healing Tonics and instant heal Tonics

- Antidotes, heals poison



- Repair Hammers, repairs weapon at bonfire/dragonspire

- Field Repair Hammers, repairs weapon without bonfire(helpful for repairing mid dungeon)

- Basic weapons, needed to make the Weapon Illusion Chests

- Weapon Illusion Chests, gives a weapon whose only purpose is for weapon cosmetic fusion since they only have 1 atk

(Chance to give an Artisanal version which has a an extra glow/particle effect, very rare but could potentially sell for alot)


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