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Mushin Floor 15


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Only two things you need to watch out <50%.


The new 4-hit combo, it's the same exact mechanic as the one one the first half but it looks different, it ends with a high right kick, instead of the summersault double kick from before. Try to i-frame the last part of the combo to prevent you getting thrown in the air which is pretty much a one-shot.


If you have a lot of time, try to stall as much as you can with him phantom gripped/freezed/frozen. As you will need as much i-frames as you can.


The second thing you need to worry about is the pull -> aoe combo. DON'T use frost sheath on this as you will need it for the 4-hit combo straight after. Use one i-frame for the pull (same exact way to avoid the heat pull on yeti if you tried it), and then use another i-frame for the aoe. The succession is quite fast and you will need to work on your timing.


The rest of the mechanics is workable with stuns/freezes and phantom grip. 


Try and spec into glacial beam, 6 second phantom grip, and cold snap for the chill/freeze. I didn't go over anything above 50% since you seem to be able to handle it. Good luck!

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Spec 2 points 4  T2S1.

Spec 3 into stun(glacial Beam).

Spec Fire Storm T3S2

Spec 2 points on SS.

First time he drink a wine you have to Iframe then whenever he try to drink you must CC him.Grab or stun - both work.

When he do the karate combo count 3 hit and Q/E or fire tab the 4th.You must iframe/block the 4th attack or you die.

When he port middle and attempt to suck you in and then smash you must iframe both and then ICE V the ice dropping from the ceiling and hes karate combo meanwhile.Freeze him with 3  and dps.Next time he port middle and attempt to suck you in you can ice tab and wait the whole 10 sec to block the entire combo/ice/suck in/smash skills.Of course unless you want to get the title.


And to prove it to you i'm not a theory hero



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On 5/12/2016 at 6:57 PM, PCComet said:



This was me attempting at it, you can get some tips out of it possibly, i also did cheat a little so see if you can spot that.

nice run , but u know that isn't exactly cheating :D


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