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2 question about sword skins

Yato Gami

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So I asked on the last bladeandsoul stream which sword skin did Jonathan use in the Shattered Empire preview, and I said

It looks smilar to Cold Iron sword (Picture)  , which for some reason he though I was talking about Cold iron sword offering (Picture

and then directed me to shop think I was reffering to Shrieking Wind Phantom sword (Picture).


The Sword I was reffering to looked like this (Picture) , all help will be appricated sorry you can see the hilt.


The second question is if anyone knows how does a Soul stone sword looks like? (the one you get from soul plains faction merchant , 300 insignia for chest) .


           Cold Iron sword                           Cold iron sword offering                         Unknown sword


bns-cold-iron-sword-3.jpg bns-cold-iron-offering-sword.jpg sword.jpg


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31 minutes ago, LunaticAzure said:

Did some searching, it might be the Primal Sword, it's got that 2 toned color on the blade and a similar/same ornament thing.

I thought so too at first but its not, here I manged to take a picture of it unseathed though its from the stream so its bad quality.




and here is the video Youtube

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