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Soul shield progression after update?


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I've googled this but didn't come across any up-to-date info. What are the best PvE soul shields for FM after the update?
Currently I'm level 47, still wearing Moonwater Renowed Valor from trading those stones. Almost every dungeon drops a set of soul shields, and it's quite confusing for a new player. So which ones should I unseal and keep? Should I farm the Blackram Supply Chain set next or something?

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PvE SS are almost the same for each class.


What you actually wanna know is the SS progression untill you are able to run better dungeons which give you better SS.


Lvl 43 in a normal situation you start with the Jangshi lvl 43 soulshield.

Keep farming for lvl 45 SS to have a smoother progression

At lvl 45 you get Poharan SS or Bloodshade Harbour SS (prefered, if you get one dish your equaly shaped Poharan Pizza to get better overall stats)

After poharan run Bloody Shark Harbour 6M (or you can just start with BSH and skip Poh SS since there are enough ppl carring noobs through it).

After BSH you take the Lab quest so you can enter dungeon, then you try to aim for 1,2,4,6,8th piece lab with offensive stats (prefered, note: bsh 3,5,7 give you offensive stats more than Lab since lab is mostly a defensive high HP SS.


Then you can freely do the story line till you end it with lvl 49 or so. After that try to get 400+ ap to queue for Yeti dungeon (guides are spread through the forum). Why 400+ ap you may ask? Yeti has a enrage timer and you will less likely wipe there if you have the dmg but you should at least have 40% crrate and good percentage of crittdmg since ap doesnt give you that much dps either (ppl wanna see you having high ap so they can imagine you not being the problem in a group wipe).


Lvl 50: aim for Full Yeti SS max stats and fuse them with critt SS. Alternatives are (more defensive or about equaly good) 1,2,4 Scorpio (Necro dungeon, this gives you no downsides) or full scorpio (you will be putting out less dmg aka less critts since scorpio tends to be more defensive.


End End game:

Get to 500+ ap and maximise your stats to make sure you can handle Naksun and try/complete Asura dungeon 


It all may seem like a stats and dps brag run but it's not the way it looks. I reached the end end game and I am having problems at clearing the content not because or enrage timers but because lack of understanding what and when to do certain skills cause boss mechanics get harder and less understandable.

Gear is key but gear without skill is only half the ticket


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