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Lyn Ear+Tail Problem


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i don't know if this is an issue for just me, seeing as how a rudimentary google-search on several occasions hasn't yielded anyone with quite the same problems as me, but i'm going to try and explain it as best i can:


on all of my lyn characters, with every ear/tail setting, the tail clips through the ground and the ears, when walking, are basically jello. i have tried disabling most of the physics settings available to me, but to no avail. i thought that this was just the game, something everyone just dealt with, but as i got more into the game and saw other lyn players, on my screen it appears as though their ear/tail combos scale to the size of their lyn, and the physics are almost entirely different (as in, they don't just flail around everywhere at the slightest movement). i usually make my lyn characters very small- not the smallest possible, but fairly small- and the slightest movement has the ears jerking around like crazy; i have to make my lyn the tallest possible settings to even get close to having the tail not clip through the floor while standing still. 


is this just me? if so, is there a way to fix this, or is it something that everyone has on their screen but everyone else appears "normal" ? i'm a stickler for these sorts of things, and as much as i love playing blade and soul, it's really starting to get to me.


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