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Visual What error? Client.exe is what?


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Okay every single time now, that being ever since the latest update, when I login and then start game I get this error that talks about some kind of thing aboout terminating the game because of timeout in an unusual way or something like that. If I click okay after error it complete exists the game and If I try to go back on it blue screens me and restarts, However I found out I can just ignore the window and not press the error window's okay. So I go about my business and not only a few minutes, not even 5 minutes in, BAM! My entire game crashes and there's not freaking crash log window. Now this used to happen not often at all, but now after the update it happens every time I start the game. WTF? I can't even insert a picture?! webpage is not available to my account?! What the hell?! Are you saying I can't even show the error, thanks a lot NC Soft for the very good service, notice the sarcasm.


It says 'Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library' for the title window. Then it says Runtime Error! (insert address to my Client.exe here) This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information.

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