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Those are unfortunately not "bugs" in the meaning of game fault. It occures when the game doesn't load the environment fast enough, and...although it's a cheap excuse, it's the fault of the graphic card (and the game engine, since UE is famous for being a slow loader). It happened with me multiple times as well (once i sat 15 min under E-fleet because my escape was on cooldown from a previous occasion, and i couldn't even die XD) and the only solution i could came up was  waiting...when first entering a zone just go slowly and give time to the game to load in (especialy when crossing portals) with cutseens and escape...we can just pray for a "safe landing" XD.


Ps.: lowering the graphic settings can help reduce the loading time of the environment a bit, but don't use the lowest ones, because they are worser than the low-mid range, also you can try this if you use nvidia: game optimalization

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