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Einn's BnS Art & Commissions [OPEN]


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Hey hi, basically, if you're interested in having some art done of your character/s then please feel free to contact me!
I play on Spirit's Rest (EU) so you can poke me there on "Zhi Jia" most of the time, otherwise shoot me a message here or PM on reddit or we can exchange skype names.
Payment is negotiable if we're talking NC, but gold I likely can't accept (two regions, too many servers, gold value fluctuates too much).

**PLEASE READ** Commission info: http://einnn.tumblr.com/comms


Finished Blade & Soul specific commissions:

--- 2016 Celshade Fullbody: Warlock in custom clothes ---


--- 2016 Costume Contest Entry ---



--- 2016 Celshade Fullbody Couple: Assassin & Warlock ---




---- 2013 Painted Halfbody: Couple at Zaiwei ----

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