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Brilliant moonwater key


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Currently I'm level 46, and my weapon requires a "profane" weapon to evolve into Siren. There is never anyone farming the profane jiangshi boss and it's impossible to solo, so I'm not sure how I'm supposed to farm for my weapon unless I buy essences off marketplace. Should I use brilliant moonwater key on this box? I'm already in Silverfrost region so I'm assuming the profane weapon box is the last box the moonwater key works on? Or does it defy logic and somehow work on Silverfrost boxes as well and I should save it for later?


Is there even a list of boxes this key works on?

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 This is the problem NC have caused with releasing new content every few weeks, players who started the game from launch are advancing way to fast and those that did not are literally being left behind, this is really bad for the game, in any game new players are the next generation of end game players but this game does not think like that. so I sympathise with your situation very much and I am also in this situation with many of my alt characters, to the point I have give up on them.


 The Brilliant Moonwater key only works on any and every weapon box dropped in the Moonwater zone.

As for Profane weapon, yes it is the last Moonwater weapon at True Profane stage  before going to Oathbreaker (silverfrost) weapon path, unless you are going Siren > Pirate which are still moonwater


My advise would be 'if' the Essences are fairly cheap in the market place (sorry not in game at moment so I dont know current price) I would buy 10, that should be plenty, the weapon box 'used' to have a fairly high drop rate, although it would not surprise me if they have nerfed that by now like everything else, 10 Essence should get you around 3 o4 or maybe more weapon box's, it used to months ago anyways.


 Now it is up to you how you open them, I think the chance of getting your class weapon was suposed to be around 8%, so yeah, its RNG. OR you could use a Brilliant Moonwater Key and get the weapon guaranteed.


 There was a 'myth' around ages ago that if you un-equiped your own weapon and put it in your inventory, then opening the weapon box with a 'normal' key it 'seemed' to give a higher chance, yes I know it sounds funny, but alot believed it worked and I must admit I have always done this on all my characters and with every weapon box and yes I have had RNG but never had the bad RNG of having to open any more than 10 box's to get my class weapon, so whether it works or not. I dont know, but there is not harm in trying.


It is a shame this boss in not in a instance I would have been happy to x-server join you on my main to farm the boss for you. but if your on Ebon Hall EU give me a forum message and I will help.


 Here is a google doc sheet with all upgrade paths and costs. click the item tabs at the top of the page for the item you want.



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Well that explains it. No wonder I've never seen anyone farm ANY of the world bosses. This game is a complete dead zone in any area except endgame instances. Wanna know what's even more pathetic? I had to actually depend on farming bots to defeat some of the world bosses (stalker jiangshi, deva, lycan), because there was simply no one fighting these bosses. That's bound to break a world record somewhere, where bots are more useful than actual players in an MMORPG and you have to depend on them to advance quests.


I'm not really surprised tbh. The exact same thing happened in Tera. People could reach max level in a week. Why would anyone bother doing non-max-level content at max level? There's zero incentive. And thanks to the stupid channel switch cooldown, you can't even farm anything effectively. Wanna farm a boss? Well wait 5min for the damn channel switch cooldown to wear off, or wait 5min anyway for the boss to respawn. Then this makes it impossible for new players to level regularly unless they find someone nice enough to carry them.


They force you to do content that's impossible to solo but also impossible to find a group for, obviously to get you to buy keys from cash shop.


I'm in NA Iksanun server. Not a very popular server but my friend chose it for whatever reason.

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     Sad to hear it is that bad at the lower levels, it was only a couple of months ago EVERY server had login queue because they were all full at all levels of the game.


  Sorry I cant help much more,  except maybe try the forum Clan threads https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/forum/448-iksanun/  and find a nice Clan to join with helpfull players, I'm sure there are many more players in your same situation and only a few levels away from cap but held back stuck with an 'old' content weapon. Good luck and Hope it works out for you. 


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Regarding the moonwater key, there's many more chests after profane you can use it on if you plan on going down the siren/pirate path.


In order, these are the chests you still need to open:



Dokumo - buyable from market

Forgotten Brightstone -> last one if you're going Oathbreaker

Storm Siren - buyable with siren emblems

Brightstone - buyable from market

Siren - buyable with siren emblems

Dark Pirate - buyable with pirate emblems

Silver Deva - buyable with warrior tokens

Pirate - buyable with pirate emblems

Warrior - buyable with warrior tokens

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