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Floor 12?


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I'm at a complete loss, I don't even know what to attempt.  I can't kill the adds fast enough.  Gear isn't the problem, the fact that I have one AoE attack is.


Obviously other people have cleared this, but I honestly don't even know what to attempt.  Like, the only thing I can think to do is try the exact same thing that has already failed so spectacularly.


Any hints?

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You have more than just one aoe attack. 


You can use poison wine - lighting step to kill the first few. 

And then fighting spirit - poison wine - poison bomb for the rest. 


It's really not difficult. 


Get some gunners which help you (2-3) and heal the pyre once in a while and everything is fine.


Floor 14 and especially 15 is much more of a mess. 

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  1. Set the support dummies on one side.
  2. Heal the pyre on the final wave.
  3. Poison Breath -> Lightning Stride -> Fighting Spirit -> Lightning Rod middle tree -> Poison Breath -> Lightning Stride -> Set Landmine
  4. If #3 is on cooldown, stealth kill the targets one-by-one.
  5. Don't bother helping the dummies, they have too much HP to die, and the extended time they use to kill the mobs reduces your cooldowns.
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I really enjoy this floor because it's the only time I use the lotus of poison. 


Put the dummies on one side.

Stall the fight stunning mob and ccing from stealth and dpsing without killing.

Once most of them are there, poison breath everyone.

Activate lotus of poison, dps for 2 sec, knock them down with bomb.

Spam shadow slash T5F2 (cd reset on kills, more damage on knock down ennemies).

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