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A few questions befor coming back to this game

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Hi i been planning to come back to this game but i dont know when yet, so i have a few questions about things that might have changed while i was gone...


Are the bots still everywhere in this game?


Is it true alot of ppl are quiting?


Is the red faction still losing and geting dominated by the blue one?


Is ther any other way to get these outfits: Night luna, Temptation ? (i checked the game/forums on the 27th and saw that the Daily dash for night luna just ended , thats just my luck)


Is warlock any good in PVP?


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1) Depends on your server. On my server there never were that many bots and I havent seen one for days now.


2) Yes, but there are more people starting the game, than quitting it.


3) Yes, and that's a good thing! Join the dominant faction and you can easily make 400-500g a day at soulstone plains.


4) Not yet, but there might be one some day.


5) He is, but probably one of the most challenging aswell.

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Depends on the server but yes, there's a ton of bot and yes, there's a stupid amount of hackers in the game.

To be honest, there's more people leaving than joining. There's hardly actually any "new people" just starting to play. I can't say a lot of people are leaving but it's currently not a healthy growth in players.

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