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Group Finder - patch day - requirement inflation paradox


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I am very confused how the present reality is this:


I'm to believe that cross dungeon group finder is somehow 99% biased towards top 1% of player base's group requirements; no normal players are simultaneously seeking groups with normal requirements.


Additional context:


a. again - no variance in spam - 95-99% inflated requirements with NO relevant ratio of normal group spam


b. majority of active players are currently logged in.


c. most of those active players are currently doing daily challenges which include cross server dungeons




a. gang mentality is inciting some kind of artificial, 'self biblical' (no rational reason to act this way) fear of acting outside of the immediate - majority spam of 'patch-day-credit-card-casual-noobs'


b. all the 'normal' players are doing organized dungeon play (statistically highly improbable) {clan groups}


c. majority spam are actual bots trying to propagandize inflated group requirements with micro-transaction undertones (monetary reasons? - this is still ridiculous)

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Most people just want to finish their dungeons quick, that's why they don't want to take people with 380 AP to Asura and expect everyone to know the mechanics, so they don't have to spend half an hour explaining the strategy.



Make your own group with "normal requirements", if you want to waste your time this badly.

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