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So what is the requirement for the new dungeons? Cold storage, Arusa, etc. . . and. . .


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So I had 518 AP and tried to join a cold storage dungeon, they told me I'm unable to do it. . .why?  Do I need to talk to an NPC?  get a the king weapon?


Also, the patch note said I can go on in the story quest or at least thats what I think it said.  Where do I need to go?  I can't track him/her. . .it said northreach and I went there.

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  • Your AP is fine for Cold Storage, it's just one boss with 4.9m HP. You can only do it once a day though.
  • Sogun's Lament needs 115% accuracy minimum for 6-man, and 120% for 4-man, and that is priority #1; the bosses have 20% evasion and any stray misses (especially during the crowd control requirements) can potentially cause a wipe. You are recommended to have Awakened Oathbreaker Belt or Normal Scorpion Belt to resist Asura's Brand effect. To actually attempt Asura himself, you need Silverfrost Dungeon Antidotes to counter his poison effect that you are REQUIRED to inject into yourself or he heals 2%~ of his HP and/or causes a wipe (nothing else can counter the poison).
  • Mushin's Tower Floor 14 and 15 need 120% accuracy to reliably hit the boss.

Story quest still stops at chapter 33 as far as I'm aware.

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