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Summover VS Ironheart and Naksun

Tony Bananas

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This is the SKillset i used https://bnstree.com/SU?build=5001002101411073410821110312003120641105321064311121112413043221132202112093220132 (Requires Level 50 HM 1)
Youll guessing youll need 450 AP minimum (i had 2:20s to spare on both bosses with 519 ap)


Moves to watch out for.
Blue laser - ironheart floats into the air and glows blue he will then blast the entire area with a powerful nuke (to avoid this just use X)
Rocket barrage - Fires 3 rocket attacks at the target leaving a damage over time area at its landing point ( to handle this attack you should get as far from the center of the room as possible and have the rockets land on the outside of the area.
Rolling attack - rolls towards the target and stuns them , can hit multiple times ( to stop this allow him to roll towards you and use your seed shroud (4) and hell be stopped and stunned for 3? seconds)
Spirit Recharge - Becomes immune to all damage but cant attack and recharges over time ( during this phase hell summon 3 robots when they land use SS as a fighterbot will attempt to land on you after the red bot lands kick his ass and hell drop a blue orb throw the orb at Ironheart to interrupt his recharge and the 3 blue bots will be attackable kill all 3 and Ironheart wil then use Blue Laser avoid it with X)

Fighting IronHeart
Start the fight off with a Lunge (tab) then pounce (tab) and get BEHIND the boss and when the pounce debuff reaches 9 secs use Entangling roots (1) when pounce and entangle both end at the same time use leg sweep (C) and entangle it again (1). At 85ish% hell use Blue Laser avoid it with true friend (X) he will then use Rocket Barrage 3 times, get to the outside of the area and have him barrage the outside area. After he misses u 3 times stop moving and hell roll towards you use Seed shroud (4) to stop and stun him for 3ish seconds before the 3 seconds end pounce on him and proceed to beat him up, after he will fly to the center of the room and use Spirit Recharge where he becomes immune to all damage and summons 3 blue bots. one second after the 3 blue bots land use SS to avoid the random red bot that will try to land on u kill the red bot and hell drop a blue orb throw it at Ironheart and the 3 blue bots will now be attackable, kill the 3 blue bots and Ironheart will respond with a Blue laser avoid it with true friend (X) and Ironheart will go back to Rocket barrage phase and repeat the entire proccess over and over until enrage.


Naksun Guide

Moves to watch out for.

Drink of Soju -
 Naksun Drinks Soju increasing his Abilities power and then uses WTF COMBO OR Pots toss right after his drink. (during his drinks CC him to prevent an entire area aoe nuke)
WTF Combo - After Naksun has his drink he will attack using a combo that does 80000 damage! (avoidable with True friend (X) or taunt)
Pots toss - After Naksun has his drink hell throw pots at you (avoidable with petal storm)
Frost Field - at 35% Naksun will jump to the center and Pull all enemies inward then blast them out after that icicles will drop for the ceiling at random areas( to avoid this use True friend (X) OR use SS then enhanced seed shroud (4+f)

Fighting Naksun

Start with a Lunge/Pounce Combo and get BEHIND Naksun then Entangle him after pounce ends hell get knocked down, entangle him again and at 90% hell start to drink soju cc him and taunt with your cat (IMPORTANT He is immune to cc during his 1st drink so use True friend (X), he will either throw pots at you or attack with a WTF COMBO. Naksun will continue this until he reaches 35% where he then pulls all enemies in and blasts them out and icicles drop from the ceiling avoid this by using True friend (X) or SS the pull and seed shroud (4+F) the blast.



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