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How to be useful in Whirlwind Valley 6 v 6


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Not a guide, a question. This seems pretty rough so far.


I could go full yeti and gain 7% crit and 3500 hp, but my damage isnt a problem and I think it would be unwise to drop the 42% crit defense. If this mode turns out to be fun, I will build a shield for it but until then what I have will need to make do. 


Tactics I am using are basically defend our op ranged classes as much as possible and hope the enemy team does not even dare look my way. Honestly I have never felt as worthless in a warfront / battleground / conquest / whatever you want to call this type of pvp forum. I am used to crushing this format and so far this isnt a I am getting outplayed issue but more of a I am just kinda worthless unless they engage us. Hopefully this is user error and massive improvements can be made but so far this feels like 3 v 3 on crack but worse. I am like 3 - 2 so far and that awesome outfit seems so far away. :(


What have your experiences been so far ? What tactics are working best for you ? I have seen a lot of BM so far in this bg and so far they have all been worthless, including myself. 


Wut do ?


Edit: The gear disparity is so crazy in this game mode 35k lightning draw is pretty good. I havent seen that number in pve, EVER. Matchmaking seems pretty weak as well as I have seen some very very low skill levels (and gear levels). Our burst on targets with no crit defense is sorta (by sorta I mean lol, wow) good. Currently 6 - 2, top kills and captures in 3 of these things so far. This is meaningless as it was vs sheeples, solid players and any kind of coordination is a complete poop on my head so far. 


Strat is the same, sit in back and protect allies. Poop on weak targets with our burst and only go hard on melee that is dumb enough to engage my teams ranged. Take flight t2 s2 is super funny after a good lunar on multiple enemies. 

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