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Why have hugely uneven matches?


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I just lost a match to a Blade Dancer. He finished on 95% in the first stage and 100% after the second stage. He was SO much better than me. He knew how to do things I cannot do on my BD, although that may be because he is max level and I am not and so has extra skills I don't.


The big issue here though, is that after the match I didn't lose any ELO. That implies that he did not gain any.


Why have a match where one person is so much better, as reflected in their ELO, that:


1) They have no chance of winning.

2) There is no change of ELO when the match is over.


All it does is waste our time, although if he is the sort of loser who likes winning ridiculously easy matches, I guess he gets to feel good about himself, but it's just frustrating for me.

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What rank are you in now? There does come a point where you're so low you don't lose anything (not implying anything, just a question).


I've never seen a variation of more than a few points myself. The only other possibility I can think of is that there were so few people in the arena queue (it was pretty close to maintenance, maybe folks were checking out the new stuff?) that there wasn't anyone closer to match you with.

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I just had a match against another Assassin.


Same deal. He was in stealth almost all the time. I can only stealth with Decoy or Stealth or a very few other abilities but only if resisted. He could stealth at will regardless of what I was doing.


One time he dropped something small and white on the ground and promptly vanished. Other times he simply vanished, even if I didn't attack him, and when he wasn't knocked down or whatever, so he couldn't use Stealth. With no abilities to bring him out of stealth, and with his stealth lasting a lot longer than mine, I had no chance to do any damage at all.


To answer your question, at the time of the first match I had 2 wins (according to the PvP screen - presumably it doesn't include the matches fought as part of the quest) and a rating of 1378. It looks like the starting rating is 1300. I now still have a rating of 1378.


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