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How do I knock up?


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I just fought a Blade Dancer in PvP arena with my Assassin, and he owned me. He had way too many knock downs, way more than my level 36 Blade Dancer does, I am sure. But more than that he was able to knock me up in the air. But how?



On my Blade Dancer...


I have two skills (LMB and RMB) that knock up an airborne target - I know he was using those. I have used them myself, mostly by accident, when doing instances with my force master wife.


I have a context skill on a stunned or (and?) dazed target that will knock them up. I am not sure I used that, except by accident, in previous cases where I got the extra knock up.


However, at least according to the skill descriptions, I have NO ABLITIES that will daze or stun. However I appreciate that the skill descriptions are simply apalling. So what did this PvP BD know that I don't.



I also suspect he was scripting. When I knocked him down or stunned him (I think I got that off a couple of times) he escaped INSTANTLY.



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Rush (2) can spec for a stun.


Dual Strike (V), 5 point strike (X), Drain (3), and Reversal (tab) can be spec'd to daze.


Take flight (F) and 5 point strike (X) are knockups.


X is a self-contained daze+knockup which allows them to knock you up consecutively, even though take flight (F) has a cd.


Given your lack of experience, you'll have to excuse me if I'm skeptical of your accusations of scripting. Getting knocked down or stunned is a common occurence in PVP, and most players just learn to react to them quickly. That's not to say that there aren't any BDs using stuff like that, but BD isn't really the class of choice for cheaters, and "escaping instantly" is both slightly subjective and not really indicative of anything at all.

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Thanks for the tips. I'm not speccing for PvP so I was unaware we had so many speccing options. I thought he was using something that was a basic skill. I see the 5 point strike knockup is a specced thing. I suspect that I was on the wrong end of a level mismatch too. He must have specced way more points than I have available to get all those knockups.


I duelled an assassin on my assassin who had done the same sort of thing, but on stealth. He could stealth at will and was basically only visible for about 5% or less of the fight which, obviously, didn't last long since I could almost never see him to hit him, and when I could he just used decoy.




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