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Make soulstone plains faction daily  - reward aslong as you are in party or lower the %...  allso can u fix the BOAR last boss in mining when he spawn somthing is wrong he freze me out 70% lol .. dont matter if little ppl or many .. maybe make that  boss to stopp move lol ..and my gear aint all that bad but whit so many ppl killing the bosse's so fast it's rly stupid half off them will gett reward only since it die's to fast? what do u mean making a game like this lol? and gear upprade is hell allot off mats from there .. i find it kinda stupid when 1 using speed hack can facepalm 6 player's and ruind theyr farm .. u made this place for hacker's lol .. w/o those guns they be useless whit hack anyways since  most off them have shi.t gear and can't kill 1 shot w/o gun :) 

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