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How to unstealth a Sin?

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First of all: I play a warlock

almost every time I fight against assasins and manage to win the first round, they switch to troll stealth mode.


I try using wingstorm to get them out... 3x resist

I call my pet back and get them out... restealth

I knock them away with repulse... they cc me and run away so I can't get them in time before they restealth.


They don't even try to kill me sometimes, they just deal some fluff damage and wait for the timer to expire. This is so frustrating.


If anyone has any tips for me, I'd greatly appreciate it because obviously I am doing something wrong.

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The only thing I have found that works is to BM them. When you win that first round, dance on there corpse. BM them (by dancing) while you are in combat with them.


If this doesnt work you are basically fcked, they gonna poison you and hide until the timer.

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