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Assassin tab bug against Sum grapple


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I've been losing so many games due to this KNOWN bug for a while now...


The frustration with arena is mind boggling. It is simply beyond my comprehension as to why this GAME BREAKING bug has not been addressed or fixed! Not only do legitimate pvp players have to deal with the massive amounts of bots/hackers/ bot hackers, but they also have to endure flaws in the game design that is essential in determining the outcome of the match. And to the extent it was allowed to continue is even more absurd. This particular bug is one of many:


--bd/bm able to use a ground counter when they're stunned,

--summoner's cat able to knock you out of an air combo even though you should have 100% evasion rate

--assassin x not putting you in stealth sometimes


And I'm sure there are others, and I'm sure it's been addressed many times. I understand that NC west has to communicate for approval from the Korean devs in order to make changes in their game code, and perhaps that is reason enough to exempt them from responsibility-- BUT the idea that a company's branch cannot change the games design/code in accordance to actual problems with the coding without the consent of their Korean counterparts is absurd to say the least. A flexible amount of control to the games essential functions, i.e physics engine, editing certain parameters in their code, adding code that fixes specific CODE/GAME DESIGN FLAWS, should be given to the devs in NA. Think of it as an editor to a writer. Writer sends them the book, and the editor will point out flaws and give them the correct fixes to the structure/meaning of their work. I don't get why that isn't done here. 


I can somewhat be more patient with NCSOFT West knowing this, but the fact that they took active measures banning real players abusing the Ogong glitch, which later on was patched, is a bit infuriating to me and I'm sure to the majority of the player base. You're meaning to tell me you can take action by scanning the game logs of your playerbase, but not act, or at the very least address, against hackers and glitches in arena? You can patch the Ogong doors, but you can't patch simple bugs in the combat system? 


The failure to address and act on essentially all the problems of your playerbase, coupled with the fact you don't want players exploiting bugs in pve/dungeons that gain them a lot of gold, really suggests that NCSOFT West are a bunch of masochists or amateurs, allowing all this to happen for their own amusement. Eh, in all seriousness, it really isn't too far off. Lol. 


Seriously, though, why can you patch the Ogong glitch, but you can't patch simple bugs in arena? Where is the consistency? At the very least, address these issues to your playerbase so we know what the heck is going on. Personally, I wouldn't want to continue investing time and money into a company that I know will completely ignore its customers/game flaws, and I'm on the verge of quitting if nothing is addressed/fixed. Bots are one thing, but when you continually lose due to glitches...what's the point of even playing? 




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Another thing...


With these arena/combat bugs, it wouldn't take long to fix. The summoner being able to use their cat to cc the player doing an aerial can probably be an easy fix. Considering certain variables that causes this can be easy to locate if you only look at the game logs. Check to see whether a certain stat is overriding another, for example accuracy cancelling out evasion, etc, or whether the hitbox of the player is still on the ground where they were before the aerial combo, or if they are even granted 100% evasion in the first time. Obvious things like that, and if those don't work, then ADD code such as conditional statements/functions that will ensure the player doesn't get hit/has 100% evasion during an aerial. 


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