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(More) Friendslist Issues


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So the basics we've had up to now were that

  • Didn't auto-refresh until you restarted entire game
  • Friends are now separated by character

But now Im having a new issue:

  • Friends are disappearing or getting deleted


There's been a handful of people how that have either just been deleted off of my friends list or don't show up on it unless they log on. At first I thought maybe there were just accidental deletions, but it's now happened at least 10 times. Don't know if there is a rhyme or reason, seems to be in some way connected to how often they log on (but not a necessity). 


BnS is a big world and it is hard enough to keep track of friends as it is. But now having them disappear or removed just makes it infinitely more awkward!

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Yeah this bug is really annoying :(

Already started a topic about this sometime ago (despite some wannabe-forum police responses from someone on the thread).

CMs have acknowledged about the account duplicate bug as mentioned on their Known Issues thread, however they have not said anything about friends disappearing from your list yet.

Hopefully they can get it sorted out soon.

Unfortunately, the upcoming content update patch notes does not indicate that these Friend List bugs have been addressed and fixed, so it'll probably be fixed at later patches and maintenance afterwards I think.

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