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Dragoncall Crit - Is it bugged?


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Tooltip description when upgraded to Tier 3 Stage 1 or higher includes:
"Critical Chance increases by 5s for 25% On hit"


Now it's obvious that these skill descriptions were not that well-translated, that's fine as long as they make some sense and will eventually be corrected. So this one would probably be:

"Critical Chance increases by 25% for 5s on hit."


Now the problem is that this is not the case, no matter how you interpret the 25%. For example, on a WL with 55.12% crit, on hit the dragoncall gives a clean 5% crit buff for 5s. Even if you consider that 25% might mean 25% of the existing critical rate, that would mean the buff should be 13.78% (0.25 * 55.12) but it's not even close.


I do not recall seeing any changes on the crit buff to dragoncall on the WL nerfs so it'd be nice if any knowledgeable individuals could pitch in to confirm this before filing it as a bug report. Currently Helix wins on sustained DPS w/o CD resets from Thrall and this might be why.



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I'm not sure how it works exactly, but with my measly 51.5% crit combined with KFM buff it seems after my first dragoncall my crit rate is 100%. I never actually looked to see if my character sheet shows any change I'm just going by the yellow number spam on the boss.

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