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KFM Leading Palm Question


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So... I was reading over my abilities just for fun, and I found something odd in the Leading Palm ability. With all that text I noticed something that stood out.


Deals 50% Focus damage to Frozen enemies. Breaks Freeze


Now.... what the hell constitutes Freeze? I thought for a second that I'd be able to use it against FMs to try to counter all of their Ice Armor. But that's a complete lie. So I don't really know if this is useful for that. The 50% Focus Damage seems kinda cool. If it's referring to Ice Guard's Freeze effect... that seems REALLY pointless to break them out of it in exchange for 50% focus damage. But I'm not entirely sure if it has any other benefits either. Any thoughts?

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not pointless I think, 50% focus damage in PvP is a lot, it gives you a quite superior position for a short while. It is quite noticeable after a full grapple sequence.

But I am not sure I ever managed to use Leading Palm to that effect, as Ice Guard just does not seem to freeze the opponents solid. Maybe it would if stacked with the ice variant of SS, but who uses that?


But I am wondering as well - would be interesting for me if someone had used this aspect of Leading palm to good effect, they should please post they way they did that here. :)

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