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PVP report /Advice


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Since there isnt anywhere i can find to post any advice to this game, i come to this most-likely 2be-read place.


1. Damage Calculation system

how about giving a count-board that tells everyone how much dmg a person has dealt against the boss?


2.PVP tab bug

I had experience some people using their tab more frequent than per 36s. Worst experience was a summoner used its 2 within 10s twice.


3.PVP jump bug

If you keep jumping, as BM, after stunning, my F just didnt hit the target to the air, it happens a lot.


4. Contribution of tank

The main tank against BW is just sometimes couldnt get the brilliant chest. Can we count the tanking time as well into the contribution and make the main tank gain brilliant chest?


5. Long-run-Map

BSH and Lab are now just too long to run. It is time to just add an buff that boost all player 20% when running.



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1: DPS meter is just out of PTR in KR and patched since a few days, we will get it also.

2: There are different excape skills, the 2 is just needet for "hard CC" like stun. daze can be escaped threw ss easily.

3: Uhm dont jump after stun if u want to start an aircomb ^^

4: Yeah would be nice but ... cat taunt >_>

5: Not needet skip over walls is same as before and boss fights are faster with more dmg, new inis like asura will take bit more time than that. 

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