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destroyer counter tips needed -> for wl/assassin


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so i hate playing perma invis, but i always get forced into it, if i dont, , i get killed so fast

but the thing that bothers me, is when i get called a *cricket* for playing perma invis

when the destroyer rushes me, plays so aggresive and spamms his spinns like he's allowed to,

while im not allowed to abuse my invis, so i dont get 100-0'd or the spinned to death 


anyways, im having trouble when i cc the des, somtimes he gets up and starts spinning with a glow like effect

othertimes he uses rage etc, so how does the spin works when you're down-> and when can you use it ?



ps: i dont want to play des myself, hence the reason im asking it here ^



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I've never played assasin myself, so I have no idea how it works, anyhow, I'll tell you how to counter such a destroyer.

Destroyers that only play with spins are easily the best destroyers to break down. Usually, you go for stuns whenever he decides to spin to the end. If your stuns are on cooldown, then use stealth mode and evade him until he is worn out. We've got a focus bar that limits the skills we can use if our strikes are not successful, so it should be easy to get him to stop if he lands no strikes. Our class also isn't so mobile, so if you can hold him in air/in a strong combo, usually a weak destroyer has no idea how to escape, and I'd bet a destroyer who only plays with spins is someone who can't even play. 

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DS Tab is a spin as well, that's why you got the impression he can use the spin while being CCed.
There are like 3 spins :
Hurricane, the blue spin, is their defensive skill, always available and cost 20 mana.
Typhoon, red spin with fire effects, has a long CD but it can be reused until they run out of mana.
Gale, their tab/trinker.
Note that a DS can alternate between Hurricane and Typhoon.

I'm not assassin so I don't know how well you can fight against them, but here's some tips.
If you're far and they decide to spin, let them waste their mana.
Hurricane, make them resist stun, daze, and knockback, but not KDs. Just make sure to not hit in their deflect/parry. I don't know if you can use turning leaf.
Typhoon will make them resist everything usually, so just backstep and stay far from them. If you cannot, you can use Q/E, and lotus fury T3F1 to gain some time. (Lotus Fury will heal you for every hit you resist so you may just heal yourself during their typhoon before retreating).
If they standup and spin while being CCed it means they used their tab/trinket, so here's your chance to go for a big combo. But be careful, they can spec Fury into Persistance to get another skill to get out of any (or most ?) CC.

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