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Blade and Soul Main Quest Story

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Is there a website or would someone kindly explain the whole lore up to silver frost mountains for me? My friend is asking what the game is about but I can't take it in. All I know is that your school got attacked and you ended up in Bamboo village and then somehow you travel all over the world, but that's not very accurate.

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did you check youtube for all the storyline quests videos? there are a few that show everything avilable now in NA/EU. it will take a few hours to watch though. or you can check for the anime produced in NA by Sentai Filmworks available on their website or the other popular free streaming website for anime.

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This is heavy spoiler-ridden, because some of the lore is basically incomprehensible without a slight spoiler from the next act:


Well, what I gathered so far is this:


Spiritually, BnS is about a small group of ancient beings, called the Four Guardians that used to fight the Dark Lord and keep the Earthern World safe from the demon world. One of those Guardians, Mushin, became corrupt after committing an act of bravery and self-sacrifice. He joined the Dark Side and sought to allow the entry of the Dark Lord into the world by collecting magic blades. One such blade was in possession of another Guardian, Jiwan. Jiwan had earlier adopted a girl from a village that was totalled by the dark forces. Mushin blamed Jiwan’s death on the girl, Jinsoyan.


As the surviving two Guardians, Iksanun and Hong turned against her on Mushin’s words, Jinsoyan decided to unleash her vengeance through the dark means, and concocted her own scheme that involved the Dark Realm. To do her dark deeds, she wants to perform a Divine Ritual that involves the royal bloods of the Earthern Realms.


Now, the Royal Bloods are complicated.


Stay with me here…


There used to be Stratus Empire, headed by Sup Emperor that had three children by an Unnamed Wife #1. They were named Sup Gwan (boy), Sup ? (girl) and Sup Hwan (boy). The Sup Emperor also (presumably ) had a Wife #2 (Akk) and she had a son by him as well.


The Old Sup kicked the bucket, and his heir fell under Jinsoyan’s influence. He drained life from his sister, and both died, all very tragic. Sup Hwan inherited, and married a lady called Nam-Sol-Lyn. Akk though had other plans, so she hired Assassins and Sup Hwan and Nam-Sol-Lyn had to flee, leaving a newborn baby-girl to the care of a Loyal Guy Do Chun.


Sup Hwan died (yeah, well) and Nam-Sol-Lyn married a general that helped her escape, the guy named Yunma Khan. They had another baby-girl, Yunma Fei. That family carved out a piece of the Empire and called it a Talus Dominion. But Jinsoyeon was really trciksy and replaced the real Yunma Khan with a Pretender.


Now, your character is presumably an orphan that grew up in the monastery that was headed by one of the Guardians, Hong-guy. A part of Jinsoyeon’s brilliant plan was to kill the Guardians, so she offed Master Hong, but the main character probably either descended from someone special, or got Chi infusion from Hong or what-not, but he survived despite being touched by the Mark of the Dark Rose. Dark Rose is a spell that slowly turns a humanoid into a demon.


As your character races after Jinsoyeon, s/he sees her plans unfold, meets and defeats her henchmen, and, eventually, meets Mushin following the trail of Mushin’s last living descendant, a girl named Jinwa (adopted by a notorious bandit, Jungsung).


However, the Main Character fails to save the last Guardian, Iksanun. For a while, Main Character also falls under Mushin’s influence.


The Main Character also fails to interfere in Jinsoyeon’s plans. She traps and further wounds the main Character.


Luckily, the Main Character crosses path with another company that tries to Save the World, the Eight Masters, that recognize the character as the Chosen One that can Save the World, so they sacrifice themselves to cleanse the Main Character of all evil, and now s/he stands ready to continue to save the world on the path of redemption.


Politically, by this time, the Main Character succeeds in securing alliance with a few powerful demi-humanoid tribes. S/he also liberates Yunma Khan, and aided by his daughter, starts assembling an army to bring down all the evil guys.

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