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Action House gold received


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Today I sold 2 batches of 5 Silverfrost Transformation Stones at 9.6 gold for each stone, meaning that each batch of stones was worth around 45 gold considering the fees (I have premium account).


After I sold them, when I retrieved the money I only received 27.16 gold for each, meaning that I got only 54.32 in total for the 10 stones.


This feels wrong. Only buying all the soulstones (250 for crafting) is 55 gold, so I ended up losing money!!!!!! Not to mention the other materials I had to buy.


I have sold big amounts of stuff in the past (Stones, Stingers, etc) and I have received all my gold. This time I was scammed.


Below is an image of 2 stones I sold afterwards. I sold these at 9.40 each. The total profit is correct in this case (9.195 for each after taxes).


If you take a look at the Total Daily Income and deduct this latest sell: 75.995 - 18.3912 = 57.6038. This is (almost, because I sold 2 soulshields earlier) the same amount I received for the 10 Stones (54.32).


This is clearly BS and an error.



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