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Terrible Ping


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Hi, I am playing from Philippines, I play KFM with 465 AP, im having terrible lag problems due to high ping, the best ping i get is 214, it never got below that, the highest I get is 330+ due to this, i can only play dungeons with poor to average performance, with my AP i havent been able to beat JUNGHADO, not even once. the delays on my attack and dodge are terrible. its driving me nuts, is there anyway to improve my ping without spending $$.. and tbh, im getting tired of playing with such high ping. ( I refuse to spend any money due to my ping, It's not worth it.) 214 is the best ping i get with WIFI turned off and Im the sole person using the internet with no other programs running except BnS.. 

Windows 7 ultimate
8gb ram

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I'm sorry to say this but I don't think you'll be able to get a better ping without a booster :/ honestly even people closer to the servers use a booster to help with spikes and better routing. There are some guides around about how to improve your connection but I doubt it will do as much as you want.

Now sadly wtfast isn't free anymore, I don't know a free one that would truly work.. But I can suggest you to try pingzapper. They give you free sessions of 30 minutes, after that you would just have to restart the session. It's enough time to test the service and see if it works for you. It might be even enough time to do many things... They really have a good service and it's cheaper than wtfast.

Sorry i couldn't help you more.





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