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Marketplace bugged tiny


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I cant enter the Marketplace properly.

Either it says ''cannot display page'' or a blue screen shows with everything in tiny size (letters smaller than the period and comma dots in this text).

Sure I am aware of what I type, so I can press enter and click on the unreadable stuff,

to have a window pop up with the item and price (which is a slow proces this way),

but even so, I still cant read the amount of stacks, so this isnt getting me much further either.

Regardless I dont want my Marketplace to be in this tiny bugged size.


Does anyone have similar issues?
Does anyone know how to solve this?


I kinda need Viridian transformation stone for my ring and wanted to buy it from the marketplace but that aint working this way.

Trading with a friend who can check the Marketplace for me is more of a temporary solution.


I would like a properly working Marketplace.

Hopefully someone can explain how to fix this bug.


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