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Tag match?


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everyone have at the start 2 tag out and 3 tag in

arrow left = tag out

arrow right = tag in


tag in: is for 5 seconds u start allways near your teammember

tag out: the next registed player from your team switch place with the one who is fighting


so max u have at the same time 2vs2 often u have then 2vs1 or 1vs2

else its a 1vs1 fight


a tag team match duration is 9 min at average 3 min everyone who is still alive get 1 tag in and 1 tag out back

there is a button as well for the 2 who are watching to register as next fighter

only the one who isnt the next can use this button 



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yeah thats sad with the bots or and afk bots / players

best is to look in the chat for 2 partners or do that with friends or ppl from u clan / guild

then u have at last human players at u side ;oD

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Thank you. I like the 1 vs 1 better anyway. :) I wish the tag was a simple 3vs3, not a weird thing like that. I don't think those folks were bots, just afk real players, since they had normal names. I am wondering if it's actually the folks that 'hate PvP', but want the beans. Seen guys like that in another game I played, feeling they are forced to PvP, so it's all the developer's fault that they are sitting it out.

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