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List of dailies to do?

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So Yesterday I found out that you can only do 40 dailies per day. Main reason is because I've gotten more damage output so I'm clearing them a bit faster.


I'm sure someone already made a topic on this so please link it.


Basically I'm looking for the top 40-50 dailies I can do to get me the most Gold.

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To get the most gold you want to do 4man dungeons or grind soulstone plains.


Good dailies to do:

- Obviously the 3 purple lvl 50 dungeons (dont enter with horrible gear)

- Soulstone plains dailies if you can do them. You need good gear and being ranged helps.

- All the 24 man content. Frost is easy, NSH and POH are easy too. Do beastbog only if you enjoy suffering. Your own suffering. Ploggle sanctum too.

- Poh, Bsh, Naryu 6 man daily

- Mushin tower

- Blue lvl 50 dungeons

- At this point you can do all the silverfrost dailies if you want to

- Tomb of exiles gives 2 soulstones, making it somewhat worthwhile depending on the price


But really if you want money, do the purple dailies and then either farm 4man dungeons or soulstone plains.


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You dont really need to count dailies for gold... POH 6-man gives 2 perfume for dungeon. if you dont bid ont he other 4, those are selling for like 60 silver on the market. Grind BSC while you can and get perfume to stock up and sell on market. Same for a few other dungeons, thus why so many people repeat dungeons like Brightstone for moonwater tears, etc. Find the dungeon that give s a drop that sells and jsut do them and put the drop on the market. Doesnt hurt if you also need stuff from that dungeon as well.

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1. mushin tower 5f-8f

2. arena quests (3-3 participation)

3. misty woods dailies

4. ssp dailies


If dailies are done in ssp, just jump between channels and kill the boss in capturing phase for ssp key and kill the wild boars at the end of mining phase.


Bonus : if you not bored, kill during mining phase the pig bosses and bonus beasts for PP. SKIP Terrors, they can kill you.


This is good gold gathering metod, and its super easy.




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I am a new and undergeared, so with 408/38.8% AP, and providing that population is fairly sparse on my server, I do:


Silverfrost Dailies from Northreach and Herbalist Lodge, plus Monastery, plus kill 10 plogs

SSP - kill 8 sentinels + carry a body if I am lucky


I am trying to start Blackram and BSH but they are not my favorites, as they have those glides. I need them though for Poharan and Hae Mujin, as 24 versions are annoying/empty.


I'll start doing PvP once I get my gear closer to 450/50%

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