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Write here only names of summoners that use hack


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I will write in this post all summoners that use hack who are all the time invi and have resist on all atacks and if i will see the same name after 3 days i writed here i will stop playing this game, no reason play game where company have thier players in ass and let these phatetic dogs use cheats how much they want. Its no hard check by ip what other acc they got or by password, Ppl make same pass to all acounts its izi to find thier main accounts and ban. What is the best? Company that got xxxxx$$$$$ is loesing vs just simple guy who made cheateats. Its that hard to hire someone who is good at makeing antycheat guard? Better be greedy on money and let these ppl use cheats and make ppl leave ur game? U will lose more casch when ppl will say "enaugh" time to change game.


Like u see its combine of random keyboard keyes and here are thier names:




P.S Please no write here anything else than names to help NCS ban them esier and faster.

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ya someone said posting a vid of bots is bannable so i wouldn't name names.

I don't know if all servers are in the same position as ours but between both pve and pvp I believe the number of bots far exceeds that of human players. Just going to the center plog fountain at any given time and you will see enough destro bots to complete grand harvest event by themselves.

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