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Hellooo! I've been wandering around the forums for a while and thought I might show some of my own BnS artworks :D

tumblr_o2a8ugMj461rrtkffo1_r1_500.png tumblr_o3oa6qtFMS1rrtkffo1_500.png


 tumblr_o4afjbWuea1rrtkffo2_500.png tumblr_o2b79cirkx1rrtkffo1_500.png


I have more art on my tumblr if you wanna see more stuff ( ^o^)/

I've been thinking about taking gold commissions (cus guess who's broke in game haha!) and possibly gifts from the cashshop(?? if that is allowed), but I think I will only take commissions if people tell me they're interested!

Anyway thanks so much for looking! 8D

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2 hours ago, Trigg said:

omg I love your gallery so much! Your drawings are really great, and a lot of them are so funny/adorable! Just... love the do-not-sit-in-boiling-water one so much lol! X3

Yea that one is pretty cute/funny.

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