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Scroll not working


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Scroll on the new mouse (Asus Strix Claw Dark Edition) is not working - I can neither zoom in nor zoom out, and I also can't bind anything to the scrolldown + scrollup on my mouse wheel ingame. I can't also scroll up and down in settings menu and stuff. Mousewheel button (when you press on it to look around) is working. 


On my old mouse (G302 Logitech) everything is working properly. 


Other buttons (Side buttons) aren't working too, they aren't getting recognized any of those mices, but I need at least the working mouse wheel. Any ideas why isn't it working properly and how to fix it (and no, repairing game files didn't help)?


And yes, this happens only in this game, everywhere else all buttons on all mices are working as intended, so that's definetly not a defect mouse.



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