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decoy 2sec resistance, is it PvP viable?

Minity SN

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It's one, if not the best, assassin HM skill for PvP actually. 

Not only it is a relief against spinning classes but it's also very usefull against other classes. 


Best uses:


1. against BD and BM 5 point hit strike: if he hits you with it during decoy you can not only dodge the whole skill but also punish the animation and LB stun him in it. 


2. Against KFM 3 hit strike: Exactly the same as for the 2 classes above. 


3. Against summoners hitting you with DoomNBloom: dodge 1 attack after it with woodblock and you actually stay invisible and can easily get out to the DoomNBloom range. 


4. Against spins ofc - you won't get out of stealth immediately if a spin class hits you with it. 


5. Against FMs which hits you in decoy and then immediately turn around to get you out of stealth with impact - won't have any effect. 


It also has very much other uses but it really is worth every cent if you have the gold to spare. 

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